Add a lovely splash of color and life to your cubicle.

blue and purple butterfly wall decal stickers

The butterfly has long been a symbol of peace and nature due to its gracefulness and delicate beauty.  Most of us don’t fully understand their crucial role in nature, but we love them nonetheless.  If you happen to think that it would be inhumane or impractical to keep a bunch of these lovely creatures around in your cubicle at work you would be right.  However, there’s no need to worry because we have discovered the next best thing.

green and yellow butterfly wall decal stickersIntroducing Awakink and their glorious set of three-dimensional butterfly stickers.  What you get is a full set of 72 beautiful butterflies of three different sizes: small, medium and large.  Each butterfly is equipped with a tiny magnet in its abdomen so attaching and removing them to and from metal surfaces is a snap.  Furthermore, the set includes special sponge gum, so you can easily stick them to your cubicle walls, non-metallic surfaces and even yourself!

pink and purple butterfly wall decal stickersThe sets are available in a variety of colors and also a randomly mixed pack, so it should be a cinch to find a combination that compliments and enhances your decor perfectly.  If having a full set of 72 butterflies in your cubicle at once seems a bit excessive they make great gifts for friends and co-workers so none will go unused.  A butterfly or two can go a long way when it comes to office decorations.  Add a vibrant splash of color to your cube or home with 3D butterfly wall decals!