z access 3d display frame with baseball

Proudly display your favorite cubicle decorations and accessories.

Being at work all day can leave people feeling nostalgic for home.  They start to miss the people and things they care about and if were free, would choose not to part with in the morning.  Those of us that work in cubicles are fortunate in a way.  Our stable work environment affords us the opportunity to keep a few precious keepsakes nearby for those times when we need a brief escape or quick boost in spirit.

z access 3d display frame strethed around sea shellWalls work well for photos and artwork and a simple pedestal will do fine for balanced items with flat bottoms but what do you do when you want to display your signed Keith Hernandez baseball,  the fishing lure you used to catch your first boast-worthy fishy breakfast or any other oddly shaped ornament you’d want to display in your cubicle.  Rather than fostering weird looks by hanging stuff with string from the ceiling, and short of levitation, we recommend getting yourself a Z-Access 3D Display Frame.

z access 3d display frame with sea shell decorationThe secret to this cool display frame is its unique transparent holding film, which allows you to easily and attractively display virtually anything you want.  Simply place your item between the holding films and close the frame and you’re done!  The clear film will stretch around your prized possession and firmly hold it in place.  Amazingly, it’s also tear-resistant so moderately sharp and pointy objects are not a problem.

This impressive 3D display frame measures 5.75”x7.75”x1” and holds up to 3 pounds.  The included stand fastens to all sides of the frame giving you both portrait and landscape orientation options.