artificial hanging flame on cubicle wall

Real-looking fire in your cubicle without the pesky issue of a fire hazard.

artificial-hanging-flame-white-backgroundTurn your cubicle into a scary medieval dungeon this Halloween with a realistic-looking hanging wall flame.  If you’re tired of all the same old standard decorations that appear in abundance every Halloween, then you may find this item refreshing.

Though you probably wouldn’t know it at first glance, the flame is completely artificial and doesn’t pose any fire hazard.  The effect is achieved by die-cut pieces of wispy fabric that are lit from below.  A fan is also placed in the black metal bowl that contains the fire to create the motion.  The whole clever contraption hangs from the wall with 3 thin black chains.

The artificial hanging flame is commonly used as house decor but its light weight and small size also make it ideal for office cubicles.  One complaint about the flame, as reported in reviews, is that the cord that powers the lights and fan is a bit on the short side (3-4 feet).  Since cubicles are generally pretty small this won’t be an issue in most cases.  The easiest way to fasten it to your cubicle wall is probably to use a T-pin, but a cubicle clip will also do the trick.

artificial hanging flame in use

Quick Specs

  • measures 8.5 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches
  • weighs 1 pound
  • powered by 3-4 foot cord
  • UL adapter included
  • ultra realistic-looking
  • cool Halloween decor for cubicles