bamboo chair mat in cubicle

Experience the joy of moving freely in your cubicle.

If you often find yourself rolling from side to side within the confines of your cubicle, going from one work surface to another to perform the various tasks of your job, you would do well to invest in a bamboo chair mat.  Even though commercial carpets are generally short and smooth, there is still much improvement that can be made in terms of mobility.  The energy your legs expend when propelling yourself around adds up and can become a quite significant factor in your overall fatigue level.

cherry bamboo mat in cubicleFurthermore, many carpets made from synthetic materials can release what are known as volatile organic compounds.  These compounds are released into the air when disturbed and can cause problems including irritation of the nose, throat, and eyes, nausea, and headaches.  This is especially true for people that suffer from allergies.

Crafted with rich 100% Moso bamboo found only in the mystic Anji mountains of China, it is much more attractive than your average plastic chair mat.  This renewable, eco-friendly bamboo is also more durable than most woods, and will not break or warp with changes in temperature or humidity.  bamboo chair mat closeupThe mat rolls up for easy transportation and storage.   A bamboo chair mat not only lets you glide effortlessly but also stylishly enhances the productivity-driven lifeless decor of most offices and cubicles.