basketball trash can game

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The Basketball trash can game offers you a momentary escape from the dull and monotonous atmosphere that exists in most office work settings.  It uses a simple clip attachment so it can easily be used with any type of can.  It makes an especially good pairing with the stylish skinny trash can which is designed for use in small and oddly shaped spaces.

The hoop is just large enough to fit a tennis ball, yet small enough to leave space to throw out other trash.  It’s perfectly suited to cubicles and its small size actually makes close up shots a challenge.  It also features a backboard for support when going for longer shots.

A great gag gift for an office co-worker or yourself it actually makes throwing stuff out fun.  Start an office tournament or keep it for yourself when you feel like being a kid again, even if for only a few seconds!

Quick Specs

  • small size perfectly suited to cubicles
  • easily clips onto any open trash can
  • challenging for short and long shots
  • makes a great gag gift for an office worker