BLU Light Therapy Device post (5)

Reduce the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder with a goLITE BLU Energy Light.

How many of us suffer mild to extreme symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and perhaps don’t even know it? Many who live in countries with long winters routinely experience a decline in energy and mood due to the shortened days of the winter months. Often referred to as the “Winter Blues”, these symptoms typically start in the fall and progress until they are alleviated in the spring.

It is widely accepted that exposure to sunlight is essential to maintaining an individual’s natural energy levels. According to the Mayo Clinic, “light therapy is of proven effectiveness for treating SAD and light therapy is seen as its main form of treatment”.

Making sure we are getting a sufficient amount of sunlight is not always an easy task. Many of us rarely even see the sun, working night shifts or being bound to our office cubicle from sunup to sundown, especially through the winter. These unnatural habits can affect us tremendously when they are applied over an extended period. The losses in energy and mood we may experience can contribute to a decrease in overall happiness and job performance, and can deepen cases of depression.

If only there was some device that could help diminish the symptoms of SAD that was affordable and portable so that we could use it at work where we need it most and have it blend in seamlessly with the rest of our cubicle decor.

Philips, with their new goLITE BLU Energy Light, has done just that. Featuring multiple intensity blue light, the goLITE bathes you in soothing blue, reminiscent of the light of the summer sky we all know and love. You can use it for a few hours a day or whenever you feel you could use a boost in energy and spirit. The unit emits no ultraviolet light and so can’t get sunburned using it!