A  desk accessory that really delivers the giggles.

You’re in your cubicle looking at your desk.  You’ve got your pens, notepad, coffee mug, computer, keyboard, and stapler all decked out and neatly organized. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something seems to be missing.  You lean back in your chair for a different perspective.  Everything you need is there, but you still can’t discard the nagging feeling telling you that something about your workspace is somehow incomplete.  You look over at your neighbor’s cubicle.  His desk looks exactly the same as yours and no answers are forthcoming from him.  Besides, he’s always been a bit unremarkable anyway.  And then it hits you.  There’s nothing at all in your cubicle that distinguishes you in any way from the boring schmuck next door.

butt desk accessory organizer

If you ever happen to find yourself in the position where you feel you need something unique to break up the monotonous tone of your cubicle decor, the “Butt” desk office supply station can be a great solution.  This hilarious little decoration is molded into the shape of a person sitting on the “John”.  It is actually a big magnet and designed as a kind of multi-tool for holding your pens, notepad, paper clips, business cards and scotch tape.  A tape cutter is built into the figure’s feet.

green butt desk accessory tape cutterDespite the low price, the accessory is actually pretty well made.  The magnet is surprisingly strong and has a nice smooth rubbery finish you’ll want to touch again and again.

The supply station measures about 6 x 2 x 5 inches, weighs just under 1 pound and is available in blue, green, purple and orange.

If you’re looking for a gag gift or amusing distraction for yourself or someone else who works in a cubicle then look no further.  The “Butt” desk office supply station will generate tons of braying laughter and farty conversations for years to come.  The actual office supplies are not included.