Animal head trophies fit for a king – without the need to kill anything!

cardboard elephant head

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For the longest time, humans have recognized the wonder and beauty inherent in nature and have sought to capture it in the form of decorations and trophies.  It was not uncommon for medieval kings to furnish their lavish castles with symbolic objects representing hard-won victories on the battlefield.

Even today, the walls of hunting cabins and fishing lodges are adorned with the heads and bodies of the kill.  These are the fruits of skill, and patience, as well as a healthy dose of indifference for other living beings.  Fortunately, there is a way to obtain them without reducing a living and breathing animal to a lifeless carcass.

Cardboard animal head trophies are a great option if you’re looking for a cute decoration for your cubicle that is truly unique.  These intriguing animal head replicas are made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly recycled cardboard, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not harming any animals or their environment.

cardboard moose head

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Heads come in a number of different models (moose, reindeer, unicorn, rhino etc.) and sizes, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits nicely into your limited cubicle space.

Assembly is quick, fun and easy – detailed instructions included.


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When your package arrives, you will find a number of precision-cut cardboard pieces.  The pieces are numbered for convenience and easy assembly.  Simply follow the instructions to put your animal trophy together and in no time at all, you’ll have a beautiful enhancement for your workspace that will have co-workers asking where you got it.  The pieces can be painted prior to assembly, giving you enough flexibility to match your current decor and just about any color scheme imaginable.

Lightweight and perfectly suited to fabric covered cubicle walls.

Since they are made entirely out of cardboard, the heads are extremely light-weight.  This is important because many cubicles have fabric covered walls that will not support the hanging of anything that weighs more that a few ounces.  When the animal is fully assembled, there is a hole in the back, so mounting entails nothing more than hanging the trophy head on a thumbtack.

cardboard reindeer headed in cubicle decorated for ChristmasThe reindeer version is a popular gift idea around Christmas time.  It looks especially festive when painted and decorated in red, green or gold.