the answers to your questions

Some decisions are just too hard to make.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some kind of friend or companion to whom we could refer the universe’s most vexing questions and instantly receive the answer?  Is it too soon to take another walk to the water fountain?  If I fart in my cubicle, will it have enough time to disperse before someone walks by?

Well, we no longer need to be kept in the dark.  These questions and more will now be answered in their entirety by the Magnetic Chaos Decision Maker.  Simply move the ball and release and the ball will move around chaotically and unpredictably until it comes to a stop above the correct answer.

The unpredictable fashion is which the pendulum swings is actually a characteristic of chaotic motion, an important principle behind chaos theory.  Fortunately, it is not important to understand the decision maker’s inner workings for it to decide our fate.