Chinese dragon metal spinner front view

Use the ancient power of the Chinese Dragon to calm your anxiety at work.

colored prismatic dragon vector clipartIf you’re someone who has issues with anxiety or excess energy at work and also finds intrigue in objects of a mystical sort, this Chinese metal Dragon spinner will bring both serenity and happiness to your cubicle.

In ancient Chinese folklore, Dragons are known to bestow luck and auspicious power over climatic elements like water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods upon those deemed worthy.  If this is anything more than a silly superstition, it’s not impossible that they may similarly bestow upon us control over our own unpredictable emotional “weather”.chinese dragon metal spinner in girls hand

Simply hold the center piece between your thumb and forefinger.  Spin the Dragon’s head when you find yourself losing focus.  The distraction will keep your fidgeting fingers occupied and may also help free your mind to more fully concentrate on the current task.  These kinds of accessories are well known for helping to ease the symptoms associated with anxiety, autism, ADHD, and restlessness.


Made from high-quality zinc alloy, the metal Dragon has a clever design and solid construction.  It features a premium core bearing that makes it quiet and smooth in its motion.  It’s a little smaller than most metal spinners so it’s good if you’ve got small hands.  It’s also very well-balanced allowing for spin times of 2-5 minutes.  Great value for the price and highly recommended for those not yet familiar with the world of spinning fidget toys who want to test the waters before diving in.

Quick Specs

  • helps control symptoms of anxiety, restless, ADHD and autism
  • seize the ancient powers of the Chinese Dragon
  • 2-5 minute spin times
  • premium core bearing, zinc alloy body
  • solid construction, durable
  • smaller than most metal spinners, good for small hands
  • weighs 3.2 ounces