An elegant way to organize your desk accessories.

When it comes to organizing desk accessories in your cubicle you have many options.  It makes sense to choose an organizer that satisfies your specific needs and is designed to hold the types of items you want to organize.

clear-desktop-organizer-envelopesOn the other hand, the duties that office workers are required to perform usually change as time goes on.  For this reason, it can be a good idea to invest in a desk organizer that is versatile enough to allow you to adapt to your changing organizational requirements.

The clear desktop organizer by US Acrylic, LLC provides a good balance of functionality, versatility, and aesthetics.  It is made up of 5 different sized compartments to hold the various tools of your trade.  It features a cleverly tapered design that is short in the front and taller in the back.  This lets you use the shortest, most accessible compartments for your most used items (pens, pencils, phone) and the taller, rear compartments for things you use less frequently (notebooks, stapler, tablet etc.).  The compartments are varied in size and big enough to adapt to your changing job requirements.

So versatile you’ll want one for home and another for the office.

clear-desktop-organizer-at-homeIt is so versatile in fact, that many people use it in their bathroom to arrange their beauty supplies.  Lipstick, makeup bottles, creams, and hairbrushes will all fit nicely.  Some reviewers hold it in such high regards that they ended up getting one for home and another for the office.

The entire organizer is made of crystal clear acrylic.  This means you don’t have to get distracted searching for things when you need them.  You can see where everything is right away, and access your tools quickly and easily.  The transparent acrylic also gives it a neat and elegant look that will go great with practically any decor you currently happen to have.

Quick Specs

  • measures 12.4 x 6.9 x 6 inches
  • weighs 2.5 pounds
  • made of solid, clear acrylic
  • extremely versatile