girl using desk exercise bike in cubicle top view

Deskercise in your cubicle without bothering your co-workers.


More people than ever before are making the choice to get healthy.  People are quitting smoking, environmentally conscious politicians are getting into office and overly-processed foods are being left behind on supermarket shelves.  We’re seeing a revitalized interest in nature and health club memberships are selling like Taylor Swift albums.  These are all positive changes.  However, there is still one glaring and crucial part in many of our lives that continues to be a detriment to our health, happiness and overall well-being.

Daily periods of prolonged inactivity can be downright dangerous for your health.

It’s pretty common knowledge that sitting behind a desk for hours every day is not the most effective way to improve your figure.  But did you know that it can be downright hazardous to your health?  Obesity, back pain, poor blood circulation, anxiety, eye strain, and trouble sleeping are all problems that can be caused and exacerbated by our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

overweight person on scaleIt’s easy to resign yourself to a work life of physical inaction.  In your cubicle, you get to work inside, sheltered from the elements and free from the back-breaking labor of most non-office careers.  Sure you may get restless sitting in your chair for hours at a time, but in order to perform your duties so you can get your paycheck, you need to be at your desk.

And who among us would say they have the perfect job.  Everyone has to make compromises now and again don’t they?  In this case, the simple answer is no, actually, they don’t.

desk exercise bike side view



The DeskCycle desk exercise cycle is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get exercise at work but didn’t think it was possible.  It fits snugly and inconspicuously underneath your cubicle desk and provides a great workout to your leg, butt and stomach muscles.

desk exercise bike features


Two crucial characteristics set the DeskCycle apart from other mini exercise bikes.  First, it was actually designed to be used by office workers.  The little machine is only 10 inches tall and will fit underneath any desk that is at least 27 inches in height.  Secondly, it uses magnetic resistance instead of friction.  This makes for a very smooth and silent workout, which is exactly what you want when exercising in your cubicle.  You can burn calories without losing focus on your work.  And no one will be the wiser!

It has 8 different resistance levels ranging from none to “more than you need” so everyone will get some benefit regardless of their fitness level.  The bidirectional motion of the pedals means you can work on opposite muscle groups simply by pedaling in reverse.  The optional Velcro pedal straps and 5 functions display are also nice features.

Check out the sales page, read the reviews and then pounce on this opportunity to burn calories, lose weight and make the most of your time while you work.