When you work in a cubicle, there are many things that can get you down.  The repetitive nature characteristic of most office jobs can begin to weigh on you and can turn an otherwise happy worker into a dissatisfied grump.  The quiet snack munching of your neighbor, which you usually don’t mind, starts to get into your head, gnaws at your sanity, and seems to get louder and more irritating with every crunch.  After 5 years on the job it suddenly dawns on you how much time you’ve actually spent in this tiny 6 x 6 x 6-foot cube and now the walls seem to be closing in on you faster and faster!

This is nothing new, and anyone who’s done the 9 to 5 long enough has discovered ways to cope.  After all, this is one of the main reasons why we decorate our cubicles in the first place!


Often, we find that it’s the simple and seemingly unimportant things that sooth our nerves and bring us back to serenity.  This is the case with the cute little kitten post-it note dispenser accessory.

The kitten figurine dutifully holds your stack of post-it notes in place so you can get to them quickly without having to use both hands.  And don’t let its small size deceive you.  It’s surprisingly solid at 1.3 pounds so it will stay in place as you tear your post-its free.

colored post-it notes pack

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For about $15 you get the kitten dispenser and six pads of 3 x 3 recyclable multicolored post-it notes.  The dispenser itself measures 4.5 x 4.4 x 3.4 inches.  It also makes a great gift for any cubicle-dwelling kitten lover who likes cute things.