man bored in cubicleIt’s no secret that working in a cubicle can sometimes be boring.  Upgrading your decor and equipping yourself with interesting accessories can only take you so far.

If you’ve got a mischievous side and are lucky enough to work with like-minded people, you can make the minutes go by a bit faster by taking a little time to horse around and have a bit of fun in between work sessions.

The easiest and most primitive way to get under your fellow cube dweller’s skin is to simply crumple a piece of stationary and hurl it over your cubicle wall.  This will undoubtedly achieve the desired effect and within seconds you should be repaid with another paper cannonball in response.  medieval wall with cannonsSimilar to the cafeteria food fights most of us remember from high school, paper fights can quickly grow out of control when other employees join in and take sides in the fight.  For this reason, you should only resort to this type of office boredom buster when your boss or manager is off the scene.

Take your office battle campaign to the next level.

Take your battle campaign to the next level with the amazing da Vinci desktop catapult.  Similar to models concocted by Leonardo da Vinci himself in order to improve the efficiency and range of the catapults of Medieval times, this miniature version uses the same stored energy in bent wood to launch the projectile.  Your adversaries will not know what hit them when they encounter your cubicle-sized but nevertheless intimidating new toy.

The catapult works best with small rounded projectiles and while it won’t launch boulders and flaming oil barrels as envisioned by da Vinci, spitballs, paperclips, and even gum are all fair game.

davinci-catapult-all-includedTo add to the novelty, the catapult comes as an all inclusive kit and requires assembly.  Everything you need to put it together is provided along with thorough and easy to understand instructions.  Whether you consider yourself a beginner, a hobbyist or just want something inspiring and educational for the kids to build you will most likely find lots to love about this cool looking and intriguing desk accessory.


A slightly cheaper & simpler alternative

Quick Specs

  • measures 10 x 5 x 10 inches
  • weighs 1.1 pounds
  • all inclusive kit ready to assembly
  • glue included
  • clear and easy to understand instructions
  • great for all ages