Watch Groot dance on your desk.

“I am Groot“.  If this declaration happens to have any special significance for you, then you or someone close to you is probably a fan of the popular animated Guardians of the Galaxy movies.  With an estimated box office total of $773.7 million, the film has firmly established itself as the third ever highest grossing movie based on a Marvel comic, after The Avengers and Iron Man.  With unique and colorful characters and voice contributions from many of the hardest hitting names in Hollywood, its spectacular success is not all that surprising.

groot-guardians-of-the-galaxyGroot, a tree-like humanoid played by modern action hero Vin Diesel, has become something of a pop culture icon and subject of a plethora of merchandise from posters and lunch boxes to toys and t-shirts.  Cubicle-dwelling fans of the blockbuster movie are in luck because we have found an interestingly appropriate and surprisingly cute way to bring Groot to your cube.


Quirky desk decor for the free-spirit who wants to add a bit of lighthearted fun to their cubicle.

Measuring 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.8 inches this cute little toy fits unobtrusively on your desk and helps to make your cubicle a more cheerful place.  Its huge, round eyes seem to laugh as it bounces and vibrates with its bulbous, leafy head which is spring-mounted atop a spindly, tree-limbed body.  dancing groot bobblehead dimensionsAlthough it’s called a “Dancing” Groot bobblehead, it’s important to know before buying that the item doesn’t actually dance via a power source.  The name is taken from a scene in the movie where the character takes to dancing.  It’s a standard bobblehead and all of the action comes from the movement of the head.

dancing groot bobblehead in box


It weighs 2 pounds and is fairly stable, but a few of the customer reviews state that more weight in the toy’s base might have been useful.  It’s made of plastic and is well crafted and detailed for the price. Makes for a charming gift for that friend or co-worker who has a soft spot for cute things.  Guardians of the Galaxy movie fans will also get a kick out of it.