When thinking of ways to improve the look of your cube, it is generally preferable to replace some of the generic accessories you use all the time, rather than bringing in new decorative items that will further reduce your cubicle’s already limited space.  For example, your computer’s boring mouse pad can be swapped with one that is both functional and an enhancement to the overall visual appeal of your cubicle.  If you decide to go this way, there is a virtually endless assortment of aesthetically pleasing mouse pads that you can choose from.

Custom Mouse Pad


Every cubicle could use a bit of personalization to escape the standard dreariness of most offices and set it apart from the others. Thankfully, advances in technology allow us to do some pretty amazing things for prices that would never have been possible 10 or even 5 years ago.

customize your mouse padMarvelous Printing has created a simple process for designing custom mouse pads.  All you have to do is upload a digital photo to their web application, add an optional message, and order as many of your very own personalized mouse pad as you like.  Easy to follow step by step instructions are provided.

customized mouse pad with family photoThe great thing about this process is that your choices are practically limitless.  No matter how your cubicle is decorated, it should be no problem to find an image that complements your decor perfectly.  Photos of family and friends are very popular choices for personalized and decorative mouse pads for use in the cubicle.

The company states that high-resolution images of 2500 x 3500px shot in portrait produce the best final result.  For this reason. it is recommended that you resize and change the orientation of your image prior to upload.  It should be noted that international law precludes the printing of images that are protected by copyright.

Quick Specs

  • 7 x 9 inches
  • smooth cloth surface
  • rectangular or circle shapes available
  • fade proof, high color quality


Work of Art Printed Mouse Pads


Vincent van Gogh Starry Night mouse padFans of the great painters and art lovers will appreciate the Art Plates line of decorative mouse pads.  Inspired by the works of the masters, such as Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt, they take what is a no-frills utilitarian staple of most cubicles and turn it into a real work of art

Gustav Klimt Sunflowers mouse padThe high-resolution prints are beautiful, bright and true to the original.  There’s a very large selection so most people’s favorite artists and paintings are represented.  Some customers spoke of a rubber smell that fades with time.

 Quick Specs

  • weighs 8 ounces
  • measures 9.25 x 7.75 x 0.2 inches
  • works well with all mouse types
  • materials include polyester cloth, neoprene rubber


Colored Pattern Mouse Pad

pink and gold trellis print decorative mouse pad

There are many mouse pads that feature colorful patterns.  These are a good option when you have implemented a theme idea in your cubicle. You can simply pick a mouse pad that complements your existing decor.  This will bring a sense of cohesiveness to your cubicle and kind of tie everything together.  For instance, if you have pink wallpaper with a trellis pattern, you can get a similar looking mouse pad.  Chevron and floral patterns are also very popular.

Mouse Pad produces pads that feature a plethora of pattern and color combinations as well as many interesting photographs and inspirational messages that can help keep your spirits high.

inspirtional messages - live your dreams decorative mouse padQuick Specs

  • weight and dimension vary depending on the model
  • ultra-thin design
  • non-skid natural rubber backing
  • fade-proof, vibrant colors
  • works well with all mouse types
  • portrait and landscape orientations