The chair you sit on every day is a great opportunity for decorating in your cubicle.

When you search for pictures on the internet to get ideas for cubicle decorating, it quickly becomes obvious that your choices are practically unlimited. Aside from office etiquette (guidelines for what types of decor is appropriate for your specific work environment), the only real constraint you have to work inside of is your own imagination.

And every surface in your cube is fair game.  The walls can easily be adorned with all sorts of appealing wallpaper or photos of family and friends bordered in interesting picture frames.  The corner of your desk is the perfect place for small low-maintenance plants or succulents in pretty little pots.  There are many items available that you can use to enhance the look of your computer or laptop such as a stylish keyboard cover or a cute set of fairy lights.  Even the floor of your cubicle can take part in the fun with an attractive bamboo floor mat that will bring a touch of class to your cubicle and make rolling around a little easier.

Cubicle chairs are often neglected when looking for ways to decorate.

Something that tends to get neglected, however, is office chairs.  For good reason, we put a lot of importance on the comfort level a chair will provide us.  While sitting at the correct height with proper posture is essential to optimize our performance on the job, we can also recognize that those utilitarian office chairs we sit in everyday afford us a great decorating opportunity.

Decorative print chair covers allow you to take a regular boring old office chair and turn it into a unique statement that showcases your personality.  camouflage print cubicle chair coverThey’re kind of like soft fleece shirts that were designed for chairs.  You simply drape the cover over your chair and it’s like you’ve instantly got a brand new chair of any design or color of your choosing.  Take the quiet route with a subtle solid color turquoise cover or holler from the rooftops with a screaming cheetah print. There are lots of designs to choose from so you’re free to let your creativity take over.

Revitalize stained or damaged chairs instead of throwing them away.

giraffe-print-rectangle-chair-coverAnother possible use for these chair covers would be to hide stains or scratches.  If you’ve got cats at home that like to use your furniture for a scratch post, you can revitalize your old chairs with a whole new appearance instead of throwing them away.

The covers were designed so that a single size fits virtually all standard-sized rectangular office chairs.  A rectangular chair just means that the back support extends all the way down to the seat and that there is no space between the two.  black and white zebra print two piece chair cover

Sizes and designs of chairs that are considered standard do vary slightly so it should be expected that they will fit differently on different chairs.  With this in mind, stretchy fleece that hugs the chair for a fitted appearance is used.  If you happen to have a non-rectangular chair, a two piece spandex model is available.

Stop ignoring your poor cubicle chair and invite it to the party with a decorative print office chair cover.  All covers are made in the USA and are machine washable.

solid blue office chair cover

Quick Specs

  • made of soft, stretchy fleece
  • fits most standard rectangular office chairs
  • easy to use
  • measures 15 x 11 x 3 inches
  • weighs about 1 pound
  • machine washable