Add a colorful splash of springtime to your cubicle.

This cute decoration is great if you want something to bring you a little cheer when you need it and remind you that springtime is just around the corner!  The desk daisy paper clip holder uses a powerful magnet at each flower’s center to hold the 9 paper clips that make up the flowers in place.  Each flower is a different color and the clips are specially made to resemble flower petals.  flower-petal-shaped-paper-clipsThe flowers sit atop of green-leafed plastic vines that are flexible and can be molded into fun arrangements.  The daisies are rooted in a nice plastic pot that has been painted to look like real pottery and is weighted enough to keep everything stable on your desk.

desk-daisy-paper-clip-holder-in-cubicleIt’s a perfect fit for cubicles.  It’s small so it doesn’t encroach on your already limited desk area, but remarkable enough to get noticed and have you showered with compliments from co-workers.  Unfortunately, the desk daisy doesn’t include any extra paper clips so you may want to ignore its organizational function altogether and use it exclusively as a decorative piece.

Enhance the look of your desk and bring a splash of fresh color to your cubicle!

Quick Specs

  • 3 colored flowers on bendable stems
  • measures 4 x 5.2 x 1.2 inches
  • weighs 6.1 ounces
  • perfect for cubicle