desktop tree photo holder white background

A clever way to keep friends and family close-by.

When it comes to decorating your cube, there is a large range of things that can be done.  Some people go the whole nine yards with colorful wallpaper and an entirely comprehensive decorating theme.  Others stop short of complete cubicle makeover and opt for a few tasteful and well-chosen accessories.  Wherever a person happens to find themselves in the decorating spectrum, there is one thing that almost all decorated cubicles tend to have in common: pictures.

Pictures of family, friends, holidays, artwork and even pictures of pets.  Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll need a creative way to display these cherished memories that do them and their subjects justice.

Umbra’s Fotofalls desktop photo holder is an easy way to solve this universal cubicle decorator’s conundrum.  Non-damaging clips attached to metal tentacle-like rods hold the photos in a sort of umbrella-like fashion.  The rods meet in the middle and form a sturdy but attractive base. Altogether it has the semblance of a palm tree with your pictures hanging off the ends of the leaves.

The cool thing about this accessory is that it only takes up as much desk space as the area of the photo holder’s base, which is surprisingly stable for its small size.  desk tree photo holder in cubicleAlso, the clever design allows you to replace photos at whim or rotate the whole display for a different perspective.

If you get a lot of cards at Christmas time and have little desk space to spare, this photo holder will take them off your hands and your desk while displaying them with pride.  It measures 13 x 6 x 2 inches and holds up to 18 photos.