cute cat smartphone holder horizontal

Keep tabs on your phone while freeing your hands – and do it in the cutest way possible!

When watching media or Skyping at work, constantly having to hold your phone quickly becomes a burden. Not only does it put strain on the arm and wrist, but over time it can be a contributing factor to more serious issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

cute cat smartphone holder closeupThe ElecNova Black Cats Desktop Smartphone Holder features two adorabe black cats – one perched atop a brown chest of drawers and another standing below and in front of it. They team up to hold your phone in place, freeing your hands for more productive tasks.

Anti-slip pads hold your phone securely in place, whether you have the device placed horizontally or vertically. The high-quality resin used for the holder gives it a nice weight and interesting bumpy texture.  There are also anti-slip pads underneath the holder so it will not move around on your desk.  Another nice feature is that it can also be used as a holding dock when charging your phone or tablet.

Quick Specs

  • office decor that is cute and functional
  • securely holds your smartphone or tablet in horizontal or vertical positions
  • materials include high-quality resin
  • non-slip pads under phone as well as holder itself
  • doubles as a charging dock