girl in cubicle with flexible arm monitor desk mount

A flexible monitor arm in your cubicle can reduce pain associated with repetitive tasks.

A discussion about cubicle health and comfort could never be complete without bringing up your computer monitor setup, and in the spotlight is Ergotron, with its extremely adjustable monitor desk mount arm.

flexible arm monitor desk mount extendedDesigned to help reduce the back, neck and eye strain that occurs from performing repetitive tasks in uncomfortable positions, the mount has 3 joints instead of the usual 2, allowing for complete angular and rotational freedom of movement in all 3 planes.

It is very flexible and reaches up to 25 inches when fully extended.  The height is also adjustable up to 13 inches, which will easily meet the ergonomic requirements of most people. The arm clamps onto the edge of your desk freeing up precious desk surface area and giving you more room to work.

Constructed from sturdy polished aluminum, the mount is both durable and attractive looking.  Its convenient cable management feature keeps your cables out of sight and out of mind.  Pull it in close or push it out of the way, your monitor will always go exactly where you want it to.