How do you let clients and co-workers know your status when you’re away from your cubicle?

There are many tools and accessories that have been designed to make an office run smoothly.  Memos and email web applications are among the most commonly used methods. These are great for conveying certain types of messages, such as the times of meetings and job-related requests.  They are much less useful, however, for other kinds tasks.  For instance, how should you go about letting your co-workers and clients know where you are and when you’ll be back, should they happen to come looking for you unannounced?

A good messaging system is helpful because it relieves you of having to explain your momentary absence to clients and co-workers upon your return.  many-post-it-notes-cubicle-wallMany office workers use Post-it notes for reminders to themselves. It’s easy to imagine how also using them to leave status messages for others could get confusing fast!

Flip It is a simple and effective courtesy message system.


The answer is a simple and cool accessory called Flip-it.  Consisting of a Rolodex and 5 different status cards (break, out of office, meeting, lunch and vacation), Flip-it lets you quickly and effectively communicate your whereabouts when people come knocking and find your cubicle empty.  You simply choose the appropriate card and set it in a noticeable location.

Flip It can be used literally anywhere in your cubicle.

Flip-It-breakThere is an adhesive strip on the bottom, so you easily attach it to your monitor, the wall of your cube or anywhere else you choose.  Each card is conveniently color-coded, so your location will be clearly conveyed. Your co-workers will quickly learn what each color represents and will be able to instantly ascertain your location from near or far away (should you decide to place the Rolodex on top of your cubicle wall).  Flip-It-lunchHowever you decide to use your Flip-it, your co-workers and boss will surely appreciate this simple yet effective courtesy message system.

Quick Specs

  • Flip-It-out-of-officeweighs 4 ounces
  • measures 4.8 x 3.8 inches
  • made of non-toxic plastic
  • 5 color-coded status cards
  • adhesive strip for placement anywhere