cubicle worker using foam wrist support

Reduce the wrist and finger pain that arises from mouse and keyboard overuse.

If you work in a cubicle, chances are your keyboard and mouse are the most used tools of your trade.  Unfortunately, consecutive days of prolonged typing or data entry can leave you with crippling pains in your hands, wrist, arms, neck and back.  It’s the reason all keyboards have a health warning label carved into the bottom.  The mouse you use daily is no different.



The real threat is that these musculoskeletal injuries can take months or even years to cause pain, and can develop gradually without the persons’ awareness.  Rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are among the most common of these types of injuries. 

Exacerbating the problem, most companies that design computer accessories do so with a one-size-fits-all mentality in order to cut production costs, so it is common for cubicle workers to use generic and uncomfortable office equipment.

A preventative approach can help you avoid these problems altogether.

It’s best to take a preventative approach when it comes to your health, in order to reduce or even avoid these types of problems altogether.  The CushionTech memory foam wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse can go a long way in alleviating work-related injuries and increasing the overall comfort level of your cubicle.  It encourages a neutral wrist position and proper alignment, so you will find yourself naturally working in a more ergonomically correct fashion.

included in foam wrist support packageThe foam design allows the wrist rest to be soft and comfortable without sacrificing the sturdiness and support you require.  The memory foam conforms to the shape of your wrists instead of the other way around, so it should be perfectly fitted to any body type.  Many users were

Many users were pleased that the foam does not absorb heat, which is a common drawback of the gel variety of keyboard and mouse wrist supports.

The non-skid backing is a great feature and lets you type with both comfort and confidence.  CushionTech also provides 2 micro-fiber cloths for wiping computer screens and laptops and a convenient risk-free 3-year warranty.