Give yourself a free and private Shiatsu massage in your cubicle whenever the urge strikes.

It is very common for people who work in offices and cubicles to experience neck, back, and shoulder pain.  These types of problems are usually caused by performing repetitive tasks in uncomfortable positions.  Office equipment such as chairs and computer keyboards are generally designed with a one-size-fits-all mentality in order to minimize costs.  Therefore it is highly unlikely that you will find ergonomically correct equipment without paying for customization.

There are some options that help to relieve work related aches and pains such as a flexible monitor arm, or a sit-stand desk.  While these methods are proven in their effectiveness, they do not fit everybody’s budget and many office workers do not feel entirely comfortable replacing company provided office equipment with their own.

For these reasons, the most appropriate option may be to invest in a heated massage pillow.  The modest size, affordable price, discreetness and effectiveness all entice pain sufferers to explore this method of pain-relief.

The Zillion heated massage pillow provides a soothing therapeutic massage that will melt away your muscle tension and put your body and mind into a deeply relaxed stateheated-massage-pillow-in-carIf you are unsure of its effectiveness, a quick look at its customer reviews will most likely put your mind at ease.  Perfect for the cubicle, it easily straps on to practically any office chair or even the seat of your car, giving you instant relief whenever you need it most.

The massager features 4 Shiatsu massage nodes that rotate and knead away tension, knots, aches and stress.  At the same time, the heat delivered from the device soothes and relaxes while promoting blood circulation.  The thing people seem to like best about this massager is its versatility.  Because of its ergonomic design and sleekness, it can be used with most parts of the body.  It fits snugly against the neck, in the small of the back, the thighs, calves or abdomen.

The device measures 13 x 2.4 x 9.5 inches, weighs 4 pounds and includes an automatic 20 minute shut off feature for safety.