A dictionary book vault will keep your valuables safe from prying eyes.

When people work in office cubicles, they usually don’t trust everyone else in the office enough to leave their personal belongings out in the open.  Putting them in a well-organized desk drawer or storage container is often not a satisfactory solution.  Curious co-workers and night cleaning staff know to head straight for those out of sight places when snooping around.

The solution?  You could get a clock with a hidden camera so you know exactly who’s been in your cubicle.  However, we think it’s a lot cooler to hide your stuff in plain sight!

This discreet and practical book vault will blend in perfectly with your other books and foil even the most meticulous prowlers.  They will never suspect that those two books they didn’t even notice contain a hollowed-out secret compartment containing all the precious treasures important enough to keep hidden away.