Make time for a personal light show at work.

Looking at the same boring, gray walls day after day can get downright depressing.  Even if you’ve adorned your cubicle with stuff you actually like looking at, changing up your visual surroundings from time to time can have a rejuvenating effect on the mind and soul.

This may be true enough, but most of us are too busy at work to worry about such matters of personal preference, and our decor stays the same till we’re either sick of it or we cease to notice its existence at all.  Would it be too much to ask for a cubicle decoration that self-morphs and looks great all the time?

hypnocube 4 cube red yellowThe Hypnocube 4Cube makes a great accessory for any cubicle surface or desktop.  Described as a “fireworks display in a box”, this amazing  Plexiglas cube uses a clever computer program to generate a seemingly infinite number of light and color combinations and arrange them in a virtually limitless number of patterns and sequences, giving you a dazzling and stimulating light show that never repeats and never gets boring.  The program runs at 6,500 frames per second, making the color transitions ultra-smooth.  The light itself is produced by a 4x4x4  matrix of LEDs each capable of producing 4096 distinct hues.  Add to this a bunch of hypnotic effects like affine transforms and symmetry changes and you’ve got a great little distraction for your cube that will raise your spirits again and again.

hypnocube 4 cube never repeatsWhenever your eyes or brain get sore from overuse, take five and gaze into the trance-inducing dance of the Hypnocube.  You will feel the stress melt away and for a few glorious moments, you’ll completely forget where you actually are.  The device uses the included 120V AC adapter and such little power that it can be left on all the time, and since the lights are LEDs, they will never burn out or need to be replaced.

If you happen to find a decoration that will always look awesome in your cubicle and take your mind away from your work when you need it most, grab it and don’t let go!