Supernova Lighter Case post (7)Stop suppressing the pyro within.

Do you ever find yourself at work with the urge to light something on fire?  If you consider yourself pyro-curious, we’ve found a new tool that will let you indulge your sudden and inexplicable flame laden fantasies fully and freely, without the annoying side effect of being accused of causing costly property damage and/or death.

The Supernova iPhone lighter case is a lighter that is also a sleek and fully functioning iPhone case, so you’ll never have to worry about ditching lighters or matches when the time comes for feigning bewilderment.

While it was designed for cigarettes to eliminate wind-related issues and the practice of endlessly carrying lighters around, it also excels at igniting many other flammable materials such as pencils, boxes, file folders, gasoline and more.

Supernova Lighter CaseThe iPhone lighter case is rechargeable so as long as you use the included micro USB cable when you charge your phone, you’re good to go.  Ditch lighters forever and never get caught empty handed when the urge strikes!