Make high volume stapling tasks a breeze.

When you work in an office cubicle a large portion of your time is very likely spent performing routine tasks involving paper.  Things need to be printed and organized and reports need to be filled out, signed and filed away.  Considering the computer age we now find ourselves in, it’s amazing to think about how much paper is actually put into office circulation and exchanged among employees.

And where there is paper, there are also staples.  We spend so much time stapling things together that it behooves us to put our heads together and find a better alternative to our primitive palm pounding ways.

The Jiraph is fast, comfortable, quiet and guaranteed jam-free.

The Jiraph electric stapler is to the standard stapler what a high-quality electric pencil sharpener is to those little hand-held contrivances most of us remember from grade school.  Stronger, faster, more accurate and easier to use it minimizes exertion and can save us a hefty chunk of time when faced with substantial and even moderate stapling requirements.

To operate, simply insert up to 25 sheets of paper into the slot.  Automatically, the Jiraph will neatly bind the stack together with striking effortlessness and precision and then quietly wait for the next batch.  It’s guaranteed to never jam so you can expect perfection with each and every use.  There is also a handy 14 position depth adjustment knob on the side.  It can be powered using the supplied wall plug if you want to keep it in your cubicle for private use, or by 6AA batteries (not included) to make it portable.  Unlike many other electric staplers, the Jiraph uses standard staples which can be found virtually everywhere.

Besides the stapler itself, your first fill of staples, as well as a premium jaws staple remover are included with your purchase.

Quick Specs

  • quick and powerful automated staple function
  • up to 25 pages at a time
  • 100% guaranteed jam-free
  • 14 position depth adjustment
  • wall plug or batteries (6AA not included)
  • premium staple remover included
  • uses standard staples, first fill free