levitron revolution levitating decoration display

Display your cubicle decorations in all their full glory.

levitron revolution levitating decoration displayIf you have decorations that are so awesome that you just need to show them off, you’ve got two main options.  You could go the modest route and get a simple but functional 3D display frame, or you could go the mesmerizing, head-scratching, jaw-dropping, wonderment-inducing route and become the proud new owner of the incredible Levitron Revolution levitating super pedestal!

The Levitron Revolution allows you to “float” your decorations in mid-air.  Calibrate the unit using an extremely simple one step process, place your item in the magnetic field, and as if by magic, your boast-worthy memorabilia levitates and slowly rotates above its base.

levitating display is extremely stableThe unit is very well made and makes up to 1000 corrections per second, so it will automatically adjust itself when small amounts of mass are added or removed.  It’s also small and compact so it won’t diminish the size of your workspace.  But don’t let its small size fool you: it’s impressively powerful and can levitate pretty much any object weighing up to 12 ounces.  A 120V AC wall adapter and instruction manual are included.  Watch the video to see this amazing device in action!