desk liquid motion bubbler green blue

Break time: Zone out in your cube and watch the hypnotic bubbles flow.

bored girl in cubicleWhen we decorate our cubicle at work we are sometimes trying to compensate for an unfortunate but indisputable truth: desk jobs are not fun.  In fact, they can often be boring, tedious and underwhelming.  Sure we take pride in a job well done, but the thrill derived from the impeccable data-entry skills that scored us our current position start to lose their novelty around week number two.  Family pictures and other decorative items can be used to adorn our cubicle with the comforts of home and remind us that our lives extend beyond the leaning tower of reports on the corner of your desk that the boss expects you to finish by Friday afternoon.

Visual appeal, entertainment value, suspense and conversation in one!

The liquid motion bubbler is a little bit different than your average desk toy.  It’s a single inexpensive accessory that delivers visual appeal, entertainment value, suspense, bubbly conversation and more.  Turning the bubbler upside-down initiates the descent of the multicolored liquid beads down the zig-zag staircase.  A mesmerizing effect is created as the beads bounce gingerly down the steps until they reach the bottom where they mingle restlessly together.  The resulting motion is sort of reminiscent of the old school video games that were all the rage before Mario and Luigi took over the scene.

desk-motion-bubbler-pink-greenWhen you’ve been hard at work long enough to justify taking a quick breather, put your bubbler in motion and try to predict which color will finish its course first.  Even if you lose, those nagging reports will cease to exist from your conscious mind while you zone out and give yourself over to the moving colors.

gambling-at-the-officeCo-workers that are partial to gambling will get a kick out of your new toy and the others will gravitate to your cubicle for a closer look.  Say goodbye to awkward office small talk as this intriguing decoration will surely become an instant conversation starter.

Quick Specs

  • measures 5.8 x 3.8 x 1.2 inches
  • weighs 1.2 pounds
  • multiple color variations available
  • suitable for all ages