Bring some life into your cubicle with a variety of low-maintenance plants.

It can be very uplifting to inject some green into your cubicle life.  It’s well known that spending too much time in an unnatural environment can have adverse effects on one’s health.  Getting around the limited space issue, though, can be quite tricky.

With a little bit of research, you can find a great plant for your cube that looks awesome and has few to no negatives.  When looking to decorate your workspace with plants, some considerations include appropriateness, lighting, maintenance, the air quality in your cubicle, allergies the preferences of co-workers, and your existing cubicle decor.

aloe vera plant

If you’re lucky enough to have a window cubicle with lots of natural light, then an aloe vera plant is a good choice.  Often used for the medicinal properties of its spiky green leaves, they can be used as moisturizers or to soothe small cuts and burns.  They are also thought to remove toxins left over from chemical cleaners.  These plants are generally delicate and should not be moved around too much.

philodendron plant

Philodendrons are great if your cube gets moderate sunlight.  These make great cubicle plants because of how easy they are to care for.  Put them away from direct sunlight and keep the soil moist but not wet.  In no time you’ll have lots of large, glossy green leaves flowing out and over the pot.  These plants will thrive just about anywhere.  Like the aloe vera plant, philodendrons are known to filter the air around them.  There are no flowers or blooms so the allergies of yourself and others need not be considered.

spiral lucky bamboo

If you’re a little superstitious and want to bless your cubicle with good luck, then Spiral Lucky Bamboo stalks are for you!  Remarkably easy to care for, these bright green leafy stalks don’t even need soil.  Simply place them in a glass or decorative vase filled with water and out of direct sun.  Bamboo stalks are great for cubicles – even when they’re neglected they generally last for a long time.

hanging cubicle terrarium

Looking for something even more decorative?  Getting a simple glass globe can be a very enticing option. They are fairly cheap and you can put whatever you want in them.  Create a great little terrarium with small plants and colored pebbles or better yet fill it with exotic succulents.  These tend to work well for cubicles because they are pretty small and can easily be used as either hanging wall ornaments or desk decorations.

Don’t want to care for plants?  Go artificial.

Finally, if you’re just after visual appeal and don’t want to spend time caring for plants at work, then artificial may be the way to go.  These tend to be a bit more expensive, but their convenience and longevity are usually enough to compensate.

kikkerland potted pen standThe Kikkerland potted pen stand is designed to hold your writing implements and looks just like a nice bowl of fresh grass.  The blades are actually ultra realistic looking faux grass strong enough to hold a small number of pens and pencils.  If you want it for heavier items, you’d probably want to look at something designed for more weight.  Its small size and useful function make it a great decoration for the cubicle.

realistic silk flowersThere are countless options for artificial plants and the only thing you need to consider is how appropriate your plant is for your specific office environment.  Find one you’re comfortable with, make sure it goes with your existing decor and you’re good to go!