Hermey the elf and Rudolph from classic 1964 movie There is something undeniably magical about the Christmas season.  It is the one time of year when we get to temporarily forget about the frenzied hustle of the office and immerse ourselves in the warm company of our friends and family.

Even though we can never really fully recapture the wondrous and somehow indescribable feelings we experienced as children, many adults nevertheless find themselves growing increasingly excited in anticipation of this special time as it draws near.  Work related worries give way to thoughts of finding the perfect gifts for loved ones.  Anxieties over making ends meet are replaced with the pleasurable task of finding the best branch on which to hang our most cherished Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Watch in wonder as the tree magically grows.

The amazing growing Christmas tree kit helps to revitalize some of the wonder and joy of Christmas.  You place the little paper tree in its base into which you then pour the provided special magic water.  The water is slowly absorbed into the tree until the paper reaches the point of saturation.  After about an hour, as if by magic, you will start to notice tiny green crystals spiking out of the tree’s paper branches.  This process is accelerated for approximately 6 hours at which point the crystals reach their maximum rate of growth.  Altogether, the pine needle-like crystals continue to grow for about 24 hours leaving you with an attractive and surprisingly realistic looking mini Christmas tree decoration.

Garnish your new Christmas tree decoration.

The kit also includes a gold star topper, garland, and decorative glitter.  The instructions advise you to add these garnishes after the tree has grown to full size.  However, the crystals are very delicate and many people reported better results by reversing the steps and decorating the tree before adding the magic water.

When the entire process is complete it is best to place your new magic Christmas tree out of harm’s way so that it is not inadvertently bumped or knocked over.


The tree is all of about 6 inches tall making it the perfect accent for your desk at work, where it will no doubt become the topic of much conversation. Whether you choose to use this fun decoration in your cubicle or at home, it will very likely induce a lot of engagement.  Kids, adults and science hobbyists of all ages will find it hard not to check back frequently to watch its progress.

Quick Specs

  • 24 hours full growth time
  • kit includes tree, stand, magic water packet, star topper, garland, glitter and instructions
  • measures about 6 x 3 x 3 inches
  • non-toxic
  • ages 5 and up