Don’t let generic office decor get your down.

The sterile generic office environment too many of us know too well can have an adverse effect on our psychological health.  It is generally agreed that a simple walk in the woods with the healing air, sights, and sounds can help bring us tranquility and mental grounding when we find ourselves physically or emotionally drained.

These mini succulent garden magnets will bring you many of the benefits of a relaxing stroll through nature without ever having to leave your cubicle.  And they look great too.  Could you imagine a more adorable magnet?  With the ability to customize your mini garden with Haworthias, succulents, cacti, aloes, tillandsia air plants or a tropical mix, you should be able to find the perfect combination for any mood.

Magnetic Mini Garden post (5)We think that office plants that don’t take up any space and serve a useful purpose are just about as good as ideas get!