When you work in a cubicle you no doubt spend most of your time seated at your desk.  Unfortunately, when office equipment is provided for you, it’s usually done in the most cost-efficient way possible and is lacking any customization.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to make adjustments to your office chair as needed if you experience pain or find yourself sitting in awkward positions to relieve it.  When this kind of problem grows from mild to worse over time it is often at such a gradual rate that we don’t even realize it’s happening at all.

Is your chair hurting you while you work?

If your forearms or elbows start to hurt during extended periods of writing or typing, your chair might not be the right size for your body type.  While having your own cubicle does give you a certain amount of privacy, you may not feel entirely comfortable bringing in a chair from home, even if it would mean improving your work life and increasing your productivity.

You could force yourself to change your posture or shift your weight but this could possibly have a detrimental effect on your back or neck.  Rather than just transferring the pain and discomfort from one part of your body to another, it’s probably better to eliminate the problem altogether by embracing a simple solution if one exists.

A cheap and easy solution for elbow and forearm pain.

Armazing memory foam arm pads represent a cheap and easy alternative that millions of office workers have embraced in order to alleviate arm and elbow pain at work.  They are a testament to the old mantra that says the best solution to a problem is often the simplest.  There is virtually no installation and no tools are required.  Simply stretch them over your existing armrests and the elasticity of the outer fabric will hold them snugly in place, making them appear as though they were always part of the chair.

When in use, the memory foam contours your forearms and elbows guaranteeing a customized feel that you would expect from a more expensive office accessory.  There is a second layer of regular foam underneath the memory foam for extra protection and comfort.

Quick Specs

  • alleviates pain and discomfort
  • fits chair armrests from 6 to 11 inches
  • memory foam provide customized feel
  • virtually no installation
  • 1 set includes 2 foam pads