Miranda cat tail clip decor bottleLet Miranda grab your paper clips for you.

Buying stuff for your cubicle should be fun.  And that’s certainly the case with this sweet little accent piece.  While it will be especially adored by cat lovers for its aesthetic appeal, the Miranda clip bottle is also endowed with a practical purpose.

Miranda cat tail clip decor bottle in useWhile doubling as desk decor, Miranda also loves to fetch paper clips.  She perches happily on your desk and waits for your signal, at which point she dips her bushy, grey-tipped tail into the jar and grabs one for you!  Embedded in her tail is a little magnet, so your paper clips will stick to it perfectly and allow you to simply pull the cat out and have access to all of the clips that you need, no digging required.

Cute and versatile, it’s a great item for softening up the cold atmosphere of most office cubicles.  If you use paper clips, why not have some fun by letting Miranda retrieve them for you?  If you’re looking for some small, unobtrusive accessories to decorate your workspace, the Miranda cat tail clip bottle is a great place to start.

Quick Specs

  • cute desk decor
  • paperclips sticks to cat’s magnetic tail
  • imported from Japan
  • bottle is glass, cat made of wood
  • measures 2 x 2 x 4 inches
  • weighs 4.8 ounces
  • 20 paper clips included