Keep your friends close by at work while keeping germs away.

Many people who work in cubicles like to keep a small bowl of candy or nuts on hand for themselves and co-workers to munch on throughout the day.  Manual 3-way candy dispensers can be very convenient as they give you a choice between 3 different types of candies to choose from at any given time.  While this may win you lots of friends in the office, it can contribute to the spread of germs in the workplace.

Keyboards, computer mice as well as pens, pencils and other desk accessories are often rife with minute bacteria.  To make matters worse, only a small percentage of office workers are cautious enough to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in their cubicles.


Minimize the spread of bacteria while maximizing fun!

This motion-activated candy dispenser is here to offer you candy in a way that minimizes the transfer of bacteria while maximizing fun.  All you need to do is place your hand under the dispenser.  The motion sensor detects the presence of your hand and instantly lets out a predetermined amount of candy.


candy-magic-dispenser-nutsThis mouth-wateringly enticing cubicle accessory offers a sleek design, that has a matt black lower body, and is topped with a classic transparent upper half. The globe can be filled from the top and is perfect for M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, Skittles, jelly beans, gumballs, nuts and other snacks of similar size.

candy-dispenser-portion-controlOne of the best features is the portion control on the side. This allows you to turn the machine on or off and set the amount of candy dispensed.  There is even a setting to fill small or large candy bowls.

Bringing a small motion-activated candy bowl into your cubicle will no doubt have co-workers gravitating endlessly to your cubicle while keeping germs away!

Quick Specs

  • measures 10.5 inches tall x 6.75 inches in diameter
  • hold up to 1 liter of small candies or nuts
  • dispenses candies using motion sensor
  • allows for portion control
  • a cool LED display lights up when dispensing candy
  • requires 4AA batteries (not included)