Necomimi on head

Quite possibly the cutest-ever way to express yourself at work.

girl speaking into can attached to string

If you work in an office or cubicle, you are probably aware that various forms of communication are constantly taking place all around you.  These types range from the serious work-related directives and instructions from management to the fun and friendly office banter that helps to make office life bearable.

However, there are also days when you just don’t feel like vocally participating, and would rather keep silently to yourself.

One way to accomplish this is to use a Moodycard Rolodex which consists of a number of cards on which are printed witty and funny messages to match the various moods you may happen to find yourself in.  These work pretty well, but it has been done before and may lack the originality and uniqueness that especially creative individuals seek when looking to express themselves at work.

pretty girl wearing necomimi headset

This is where the amazing Necomimi headset comes in.  From afar, it looks just like two adorable kitten ears sprouting out from the head of the wearer.  The ears prick up, twitch or go floppy depending on the wearer’s mood.  The best part of all is that you don’t have to expend a single ounce of energy to operate them.  Just like a real cat, the ears will effortlessly move, based on the internal emotions of the wearer.


How does it work?

There is a simple 3 step process that dictates how the headset will function:

  • A sensor is placed on the forehead and detects the electrical impulses of neurons firing in the brain.  These impulses change and fluctuate depending on the current mood of the wearer.
  • The headset captures and interprets the brainwave data using a special algorithm and filters out electrical noise and other extraneous signals.
  • The signal is then transmitted to the two silent motors which are responsible for the actual movement of the ears.

Which types of emotions can the headset read?

There are 3 main emotions that the headset will react to:

  • Deep relaxation – the ears will droop down slowly and appear floppy.
  • High focus – the ears will prick up quickly like an animal surprised by a sudden noise.
  • High interest – the ears will twitch playfully from side to side.


The headset will react automatically and accurately to these moods as well as combinations of them, greatly multiplying the range and realistic appearance of the movement.


necomimi headset kit in boxThe headset is powered by 4AA batteries which it uses fairly quickly and it is therefore recommended that you use rechargeables.  The ears can easily be taken off and replaced and for less than $10 you can get other fun sets, such as cute devil and jungle cat.

Show your friends and co-workers what’s really on your mind without uttering a sound and do it in the most adorable way possible!