An easy and creative way to put a chalkboard in your cube.

When you work in a cubicle, staying organized is key.  stress-free-officeNeglecting responsibilities and being late for meetings are not exactly the kinds of things that will land you a promotion.  For this reason, office workers use many different tools such as notepads and wall calendars, which help them to prioritize tasks and minimize stress.

While these accessories are no doubt effective, they are not very interesting and tend not to improve on the dreary decor common to most office work settings.  People interested in decorating their cubicle will find benefit in looking for more creative solutions to their organizational problems.

A personalized and creative way to make your cubicle decor stand out.

Peel and stick blackboard wall decals are a great option for people who want their cubicle to stand out from the rest.  They are basically black sheets of vinyl contact paper that are designed to be cut into decorative shapes and written upon using the supplied sticks of colored chalk.  blackboard-decal-loveThe artistic possibilities are virtually endless and are limited only by the imagination.  The pieces are then applied to any flat surface by simply peeling off the backing layer and applying a moderate amount pressure.  The great thing about these functional wall decorations is that they can so easily be removed and reapplied in different positions and locations.


Allows for many interesting shapes as well as many different applications.

Since they work well on all flat surfaces, the decals can be used in a wide variety of applications.  People who work in offices secure them to their cubicle walls for a decorative board for writing inspirational messages and reminders, or a truly unique wall calendar.  Parents of young children will find many practical uses at home in the way of fun chore lists, captivating tutoring boards and to protect painted walls from the seemingly endless supply of their kid’s artistic inspiration.

For best results and to avoid mistakes, it is recommended that the desired shape be drawn with pencil before cutting.  blackboard-decal-letter-EThis can be achieved either by freehand or using a stencil.  Decorative letters and elegant shapes can be found online, printed on paper and cut to make a custom stencil of any required creative specifications.

Quick Specs

  • 2 rolls black vinyl contact paper
  • 5 pieces of colored chalk, 1 white chalk liquid pen
  • 1 wiping rag
  • each roll measures 1.5 x 6 feet
  • extremely easy to cut and stick
  • will adhere to any flat surface
  • reusable