Playstation Portable 3000 front viewThe first handheld PlayStation game device that offers an experience close to the original console.

Seasoned gamers know that when you try to transfer the experience of the classic gaming consoles to a portable handheld device, it’s just not the same.  The screen is tiny, the graphics are poor and those vital, rich, booming sound effects that reach out and yank you mercilessly into the games are completely non-existent.

Office employees and people who work in cubicles have tended to settle for these meager imitations mostly for no other reason than a lack of alternatives.  Unless you’re bold enough to pimp your cube with an entertainment system, stereo speakers, and sub-woofer for downtime use, you’ve more or less had to make do.

A big step forward for handheld gaming devices.

Playstation Portable 3000 with open disc trayUntil now.  The PlayStation Portable 3000 is the first handheld gaming device we’ve seen that can hold a candle to the original.  Featuring a bright, anti-reflective 4.3-inch wide screen with high contrast, clear visibility, and rendering of over 16 million colors, it delivers in its promise of matching the quality and usability of one of the most beloved entertainment consoles in video gaming history.

With a CPU processor speed of 1-333Mz and 64 MB of memory, it is capable of graphics roughly equivalent to the PlayStation 2.  It also has built-in high-fidelity stereo speakers (headphone jack option also available) and a quiet set of controls that closely mimic the look and feel of the original PlayStation controllers.

PlayStation Portable 3000 offers the versatility of a full entertainment system.

Although it’s a worthy portable counterpart to the original PlayStation, the Portable 3000 is not just an awesome electronic toy.  It also offers the versatility of a full entertainment system, complete with music, movie watching an internet browsing capability.  Just load your movies and audio files onto a memory stick DUO and you’re ready to go.  The built-in WiFi even allows for networking with other online gamers and downloading exclusive content from the PlayStation Store.    If you use Skype, the built-in microphone will come in handy by relieving you of the need for a cumbersome headset.  The device is fully portable and included in the box are an AC adapter and rechargeable battery pack.

Make use of a huge game library featuring most of the classics and most popular titles.

The games library, which is extensive and varied, offers up many of the classics like Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo and Mortal Combat.  Whether you’re into action, strategy or adventure there is something here to satisfy all appetites. There is also a plethora of gaming websites online that you can access instantly with the built-in Wifi.  Many of these sites offer free game downloads.  If you’ve got time to kill at the office, in travel or anywhere else, kill it in style with a PlayStation Portable 3000.

Playstation Portable 3000 in box

Quick Specs

  • piano black color
  • measures 6.75 x 0.75 x 2.27 inches
  • weighs 6.7oz (including battery pack)
  • screen: 4.3 inches wide, anti-reflective, over 16 million colors
  • CPU: 1-333Mz, 64MB
  • speakers: high-fidelity stereo
  • music, movies, internet browsing, network gaming, Skype
  • built-in WiFi
  • large gaming library
  • AC adapter, rechargeable battery pack included