Turn your smartphone or tablet into a laptop.

It’s no secret that smartphones and tablets are taking the world by storm. Whenever a software company announces a new release, it seems like people are racing faster than ever before to line up outside the technology stores to take the first crack at the latest gadget being offered.

Although it is true that computers are continuously getting smaller, smarter and faster, there is one glaring shortcoming common to most of these devices that somehow never seems to get rectified.  You probably already know that we’re talking about the difficulties that arise from having to type on a device without the convenience of an actual physical keyboard.

fast-typing-on-smartphoneOf course, we’ve all seen some impressive touch screen typing where the thumbs become a blur and miraculously seem to land on the intended keys, but even the most seasoned smartphone users start to lag when the task at hand exceeds mere texting.

A portable Bluetooth keyboard will help make cubicle life easier.

The portable Bluetooth keyboard by iClever is an easy and effective solution to the smartphone typing problem.  It is fully compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and the three major operating systems (iOS, Android & Windows).  All you need to do is place the keyboard near the device, connect the two via Bluetooth, and you’ve instantly turned your smartphone or tablet into a laptop.


There are many ways in which a portable keyboard such as this will make your life easier.  You can use it to replace the USB keyboard you currently use for work in your cubicle.  When you feel like taking a break to check your social profiles, surf the web and whatnot, simply connect to your phone or tablet for utmost efficiency and comfort.  If your job requires you to attend periodic meetings, bring your portable keyboard, along with your phone in your pocket for a quick and convenient way to take notes.  The keys are quiet and comfortable so you won’t attract any unwanted attention.

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Designed with portability in mind, the keyboard weighs just under half a pound and easily fits into your purse, backpack and even most pants pockets.  This means you can easily keep it in your cubicle during the workday, and then take it with you when you leave for use at home.  It’s also made to withstand knocks and bumps, being constructed of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, so you needn’t be afraid to take it on the crowded morning bus. Though not essential, it is recommended that you couple the portable keyboard with a smartphone or tablet stand for optimal comfort and convenience.

Quick Specs

  • measures 7.7 x 5.7 x 1.1 inches
  • weighs 11.2 ounces
  • compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices
  • compatible with iOS/Android/Windows
  • operating range of 10 meters
  • aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • includes keyboard, charging cable, carrying pouch, user manual
  • 1-year warranty