Are you one of the millions who suffer from allergies at work?

Working in an office cubicle has many advantages.  You’re out of the cold, you get your very own space that you can decorate however you see fit, and in most cases, you will never have to break a sweat.

While it’s certainly true that many office workers love their second home away from home, it is an unfortunate fact that cubicle life can bring with it some detrimental side effects.  It is fairly commonly understood that jobs that deny workers sufficient physical activity are rife with health-related pitfalls such as obesity, physical pain, anxiety, and poor blood circulation.  What usually gets ignored, however, are the less hazardous but nonetheless frustrating problems that come with a job in an office setting.


According to  WebMD anywhere from 20 million to 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies in one form or another.  Being the second most common reason for days missed due to sickness, allergies account for about one hour out of every week of time missed from work.

Though most people afflicted with allergies choose to work through the pain, the symptoms associated with seasonal allergies cannot help but have a negative effect on the overall performance and temperament of the sufferer.  Co-workers get annoyed at the endless sniffing and nose blowing and medications leave you thirsty, drowsy and prey to the profit-driven whims of the pharmaceutical industry.  In short, something as commonplace and seemingly harmless as a dust allergy can transform a competent, energetic worker into a watery-eyed, unfocused, miserable heap.

A portable humidifier that you can actually use in your cubicle.

portable humidifier stick in glass of waterThe cool mist humidifier stick by Denever is a great solution for cubicle workers that suffer from allergies and sinus irritation.  It’s not easy to find a humidifier you can actually use in your cubicle.  Most are too big, too loud or too troublesome to bother with and what starts out as a hopeful investment usually becomes a frustratingly expensive and regretful experience.  The humidifier stick excels in these areas because it was actually designed to be a portable and effective alternative to the more common and larger room humidifiers.

Its most impressive feature, however, and what makes it truly stand out as a great accessory for the cubicle, is how unobtrusive it is.  It requires minimal effort to use and takes up no more precious desk space than a cup of coffee.  It’s conveniently powered by USB,  something that most cubicles are plentifully equipped with.

All you have to do is insert the small end of the device into a cup of water, plug it into any computer or laptop and turn it on. portable humidifier stick in cubicleShortly, the top of the device will start to pump out the cool, soothing mist that is known to alleviate allergies and nasal dryness.  Furthermore, it is very discreet and super quiet, so you can use it whenever you need relief without worrying about bothering your neighbors.