frog figuring for office cubicle desk

Be like the frog and Fully Rely on God!

This one of a kind novelty desk statue comes with a funny twist.  It showcases a friendly looking frog kneeling on a smooth comfortable rock and praying to the amphibian Gods. Carved into the side of the rock is the term “FORG”, which means “Fully Rely On God”.

If you’re looking for a cute gift for a religious friend or family member with a good sense of humor this is a great option.   It could also become quite a comforting accessory for your office desk or cubicle, as it reminds us that many of the things we tend to dwell on are out our control and that we should indeed fully rely on God’s infinite wisdom to know what’s best.

What really makes this piece special is that it is hand painted.  Each frog is individually colored with a care that really brings out the finest details. You can clearly see each aspect of the frog, from the dark blotches on the legs to the soft white underbelly, so you know your frog has its own unique personality and character.

Quick Specs

  • made of polyresin
  • hand-painted, unique with exquisite detail
  • reminds you to “Fully Rely on God”
  • measures 4.5 x 4 x 6.5 inches
  • weighs 1 pound
  • makes a great gift