Become the office fortune teller this Halloween with a cool crystal ball.

Gaze into the future while enjoying the present!  A flawless quartz crystal ball is a clear choice if you’re looking for an elegant Halloween decoration that exudes mystery and inspires wonder.  It’s hard to believe that someone other than Mother Nature herself can produce objects of such exquisite beauty.


The result of pure quartz which is grounded, heated and then reformed, is a perfectly transparent sphere that is stunningly free of imperfections.  Normally you probably wouldn’t want to keep something this nice in your cubicle, but Halloween is a special time and the surprisingly low price actually makes it feasible.

The sphere is about 3 inches in diameter: a cubicle-friendly size.  crystal-ball-bluePlaced on your desk it will most likely become the centerpiece of your cubicle, no matter how extravagant the rest of your decor is.

Co-workers that have a spiritual side or are into divination will also get a kick out it.  Don’t be surprised if they start showing up at your cubicle expecting answers to weird questions like “Should I cash in my plane tickets and take the train instead?” or “If I get the fish tacos for lunch, will I live to regret it?”.

crystal-ball-greenThere are different color balls available (turquoise, red, emerald, midnight black etc.) and each comes with a polished wooden stand and gift box.  These fine specimens look great on their own or as an addition to any crystal or polished rock collection.