How would you like a cute pet in your cubicle to keep you company while you work?

Working in an office environment can have its benefits.  You get to work with people whose company you enjoy, and the repetitive nature of your daily routine becomes strangely soothing.  Even though most of your time is spent in a small cubicle, most people grow to love that special space at work that they can call their own and decorate in any way they see fit.

snowy-white-owl-for-cubicleUnfortunately, like with most things in life, there is another side to the coin.  We all have our down days where simply getting out of bed in the morning seems like a monumental task.  The monotony of an endless string of identical days becomes a grind; the thought of another day, alone in your cubicle can be less than comforting!

A great way to overcome the loneliness of the cube.

stuffed-mouse-on-computer-monitorLuckily, there is a way to overcome this crushing loneliness that’s extremely easy and will add a soft and charming touch to your cubicle decor.  Bring a cute pet, or any animal at all, to work to keep you company in your cube.  We can guarantee you will never hear so much as a peep from management.

Stuffed Ark specializes in creating extremely realistic plush animal replicas.  They’re pretty good at what they do and have managed to assemble one of the most comprehensive realistic stuffed animal collections the world has ever seen.  It includes everything from cats and dogs to farm animals, snowy owls, and even insects.  The site is neatly organized alphabetically so you should easily find your perfect cubicle pet in no time at all.  Browsing the entire collection is a delightful experience.

Carefully crafted to mimic the real thing.

cute-grey-catThe animals themselves are carefully crafted to preserve the aesthetic integrity of their living counterparts.  They are designed with the same life-like poses, and extra careful attention is given to facial features and expression.  These adorable creations are so realistic your co-workers will be stopped in their tracks!

Most of the animals are roughly the same size as they appear in the wild.  Due to the fact that Mother Nature has produced a vast array of life forms ranging from the microscopic to the gigantic, some dimensional liberties should be expected. Generally, the price increases with the size of the animal – a wide selection of animals means a good range of prices.

Don’t be lonely at work anymore.  Get a cute pet for your cubicle today!