skinny trash can available colors

A skinny trash can designed for cubicles and other oddly shaped spaces.

skinny trash can for cubicleWhen looking to buy accessories for your cubicle, it is important to find items that are made to fit easily into small spaces.  This modern-looking trash has a sleek and skinny body so it will fit close and snugly against your cubicle wall without taking up any unnecessary space. It features a raised side where the handle is that allows you to grab it with ease.

The clever design of the trash can allows you to hold up to 2 gallons – nothing to sneeze at when you consider how slim it is.  In addition, it’s quite stylish in look and available in a number of low-key colors so it will easily fit into any decor theme you currently have in your cubicle.  Manufactured using quality materials, it requires no maintenance and should last for as long as you need it.

Quick Specs

  • slim design fits easily into small and oddly shaped spaces
  • holds up to 2 gallons
  • easy-grab raised handle
  • available in a number of low-key colors