An aesthetically pleasing way to protect your new MacBook

Most people who work in office cubicles are satisfied with the tools provided to them to do their job.  Others, however, are inclined to bring in various items of their own.  This is mainly done to either enhance the functionality of frequently used accessories or to add a personalized touch to their cubicle decor.  It’s always nice when we can address both of these issues at once, and these snappy looking keyboard decals for your MacBook do just that.

Spills, crumbs and contaminates are laptop killers.

coffee spilled on reports in cubicleIf you’ve recently bought a MacBook to use at work, you already know that quality comes at a high price.  Having a  quick coffee and donut in the morning as you check your emails and coax yourself into work mode is a comfort to a vast number of office workers.  While this is perhaps a relatively innocent indulgence, there is a fair amount of risk involved.

When you spill a drink or get crumbs in the cracks of a normal desktop computer keyboard it’s generally not a big deal.  You get a new keyboard for about 20 bucks and get on with your life.  Laptops are a different matter.  Since the processor and other delicate components are positioned directly beneath the keyboard, even a small mishap can prove fatal or at the very least, cause the keys to stiiiiiiiiick!

stylish pink and purple keyboard decal

Stylishly designed with precision for an exact fit.

A keyboard skin serves as a kind of protective layer for your MacBook.  The potential for problems involving dust, liquids, and crumbs is eliminated with this one simple and aesthetically pleasing enhancement. Made with very thin non-slip silicon and precision designed to fit exactly over your keyboard, they provide you the peace of mind of knowing your investment is safe, without discomfort or the need to adjust your typing technique.  Each key is individually molded and it is therefore very important to make sure to get the skin designed for your particular MacBook model.

These cute keyboard skins come in a wide variety of fresh and vibrant colors and are a safe alternative to decorating your laptop with stickers.  Also, they’re much easier to wash than your regular laptop keyboard, and fewer bacteria on your hands reduces the chances of getting sick.