wooden block calendar

A sure way to improve the look of your desk at work is to get a wooden block calendar.  This way, you not only get a  great looking decoration for your cubicle, but you’ll also be able to ascertain the current date with utmost ease.  After all, what matters are more pressing than determining the temporal proximity of the upcoming weekend?  To guide you in this task, we would like to present the wood block perpetual calendar.

This super-unique calendar consists of a wooden base and 4 painted wooden cubes.  The months and days of the week are painted on the 6 sides.  You simply manipulate the blocks inside the base to represent the correct date.

The calendar turns the usual mundane morning into a satisfying ritual, and will very likely be the first thing you look forward to doing when you get to your cube each day.  Set it once and you’ll be the go-to office guru for all date related inquiries for the rest of the day.

The item is quite substantial, measuring 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and weighing in at 2 pounds.  Although there are many wood block calendars out there, this model is the clear winner based on customer feedback.  People who bought it were a bit skeptical that is was worth the price but most had their doubts relieved by the item’s quality and pleasant feel and said they would buy it again.